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Shiweitong's products were successfully used on the Tianwen 1 Mars rover

Time:2021-05-15 19:45:00 访问量:712

At 7:18 a.m. on May 15,the landing rover of the Tianwen 1 spacecraft has successfully touched down in a pre-selected landing zone in the southern Utopia Plain of Mars.The first Chinese spacecraft to Mars has emerged "unscathed" on the distant red planet,accomplished a feat in the history of human spaceflight,it achieved China's first exoplanet landing.After landing, the ""Zhurong" rover successfully sent back the telemetry signal, the follow-up will carry out patrol detection.

The Tianwen 1 mission has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as the second space velocity launch, interplanetary flight, measurement and control communications, and soft landing on an extraterrestrial planet. It is another milestone of great significance in the history of China's space industry.

The integrated optical device developed by Shiweitong has been successfully applied to the "Zhurong" Mars rover.This is another important honor for Shiweitong after the successful application of the product in China's space station and the core module.

Shiweitong's products have been successfully applied again and again, which proves that every major national project the company participates in has achieved remarkable results, and the main indicators have reached the leading level in China.

Signs that Shiweitong's solid technical strength and achievements are being more and more recognized and affirmed.

Innovation is the connection between the spirit of assiduous study and the output of every action.Repeated honors, is the proof of strength.We are proud of the flourishing aerospace industry of our motherland.

We are all "star chasers", pay tribute to the struggle in China's space industry science and technology workers!

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