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The Spring Basketball Tournament of Shiweitong in 2021 came to a successful conclusion

Time:2021-05-17 20:45:00 访问量:7871

After more than a month of fierce competition in group round robin, on the afternoon of May 17, the 2021 Spring Basketball League of Shiweitong finally ushered in the peak competition.

The two final teams are A team and B team.On the court, the players displayed their talents, mutual trust between teammates, accurate passing, tacit cooperation, smooth dribbling movements, beautiful shooting, and staged a game of skill, psychology, and physical fitness.You can see it--the players are fit, enthusiastic, and invincible as they gallop along the pitch.You can see it--full speed off the dribble, all in one go.The players let every spectator can feel the infinite charm of basketball, bringing excellent visual enjoyment.The game was intense and exciting.Both teams maintained a good competitive state and a high level of technical play, providing a thrilling exchange of attacks.The scene atmosphere is boiling, the audience cheers and applause.

Basketball is a lot of fun. There are always winners and losers.B team defeated A teams 63-49 to win the championship of this league.A team won the second place, C team and D team won the third place.

On the court there is the carefree scene of watching the game, our photographers also use the lens to fix the charm of the basketball moment, every picture contains infinite vitality. Come to review and enjoy ~

At this point, the Spring Basketball League of Shiweitong in 2021 came to a successful conclusion, and everyone's enthusiasm for competitive sports will never be extinguished. Congratulations to all our teams!

This basketball match fully shows the spirit of the people of Shiweitong who are positive and enterprising and indomitable. I believe that we will continue to meet the challenges in the work with such a state of mind, and contribute to the success of the company.

The collective sense of honor is the soul of a team. The holding of this league successfully builds a healthy and civilized corporate cultural atmosphere, enriches the amateur sports cultural life of employees, enhances communication, and improves together in common competition and cooperation, which also sets up a good platform for basketball fans to exchange their skills.

Thanks to all the teams and players!

A special thank you to the Shiweitong Union and all the staff for all the hard work they have done this season.

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